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In an effort to keep Radnor streets green and tree-lined, the Radnor Township Shade Tree Commission is offering Radnor homeowners the opportunity to have a beautiful small flowering or large shade tree planted along the street in front of their property!

Note the following conditions for receiving a tree:

  • The location for the new tree should be along the street, free of overhead wires or other obstructions, and in a spot that will be easily accessible for the planting contractors.
  • Homeowners will assume responsibility for watering their new tree for at least the first year after the tree has been planted.  This is a critical requirement for the health of the tree.

  • Site and species selection will be made with the help of an arborist as part of the program. A contracted nursery or landscaping company will plant the tree this spring.

  • Participating homeowners are asked to contribute $35 toward the cost of the tree. Trees will be approximately 6 to 10 feet in height with an estimated value of $600.

Quantities are limited - get yours today!   

Please Note: Pease note that only Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are being accepted at this time.

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